By: Mackenzie Maxwell On: April 30, 2015 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

Print isn't dead It’s not difficult to find marketing professionals who will tell you that print advertising is dead. The idea that online marketing killed traditional publishing runs rampant, and it’s easy to see why. Magazines and newspapers around the world are cutting their staff, moving online, or closing their doors entirely. However, despite the seemingly bleak outlook for print, the medium is alive, well, and evolving.

If you look back far enough into the history of media, you will find people who believed television would kill radio. However, radio is still a widely consumed medium that has found new ways to reach audiences. Similarly, many people believed that the Internet would kill television. Yet, we are now in the middle of somewhat of a golden age of television. This goes to show that there will always be gloom-and-doom naysayers, and they won’t always be right. Here are a few reasons this will hold true for print:

1. Only the Most Engaged Readers

Only the Most Engaged Readers

If you are looking to reach a loyal audience who is truly invested in the media they are consuming, look no further than print publications. While many casual newspaper and magazine readers have transitioned to online sources, only the most engaged customers have stuck with traditional outlets. It’s the classic case of quality versus quantity. If quality is what you’re after, don’t leave printed mediums out of your next marketing campaign.

2. Print Advertising Still Has Highest ROI

Return on Investment

Recent studies have shown that print advertising has a higher return on investment than radio, television, and online advertising. Of course, what works best for your company will be dependent on the product and target audience. However, this shows us that print advertising is not dead; it’s not even sick.


3. QR Codes are Bridging the Gap

QR Codes

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. More and more, print advertisements are using QR codes to tie in with online marketing campaigns. This allows you to have a more comprehensive campaign while reaching a wider audience. What’s not to love about that?


4. Print is Tangible


E-readers have not killed the printed book. Why? Because there is something fundamentally satisfying about holding a piece of printed material in your hand. The same goes for printed advertisements.

Tangible ads stick around longer, too. Think about how many magazines are lying around your doctor’s office, break room, and other waiting areas. I’d venture to guess they aren’t all this month’s issue. Where an online ad disappears as soon as the reader clicks away, the printed ad can stick around for years.

Of course, every ad campaign is unique, and not all of them should involve print in this day and age. However, print can be a viable and important part of many great campaigns. What do you think? Is print advertising dead, or is it just changing?

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