By: Mackenzie Maxwell On: April 23, 2015 In: Mobile Apps Comments: 0

Apps for Business OwnersTechnology can be productivity’s greatest enemy. You could spend countless hours browsing Facebook, playing Candy Crush, and scrolling through Pinterest. However, the right apps could actually increase your productivity.

With the rise of smartphones in the workplace, there is huge demand for time management and organization apps. Luckily, more than a few developers are stepping up to that challenge. Listed below are some of the best productivity apps to keep you organized and on track.

To-Do List App: Things

Take your to-do lists into the digital age with Things. This handy application allows you to access all of your to-do lists from anywhere. Simply add a task, give it a category, and set a completion date. Things will give you a daily list of all your tasks and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Cost: $50 for Mac desktop, $20 for iPad, $10 for iPhone

Supported on: Apple devices

Password App: LastPass 

Sick of trying to remember every password for every website you use? You could use the same password for everything, but that’s not secure. Instead, use LastPass. All you will ever have to remember is your LastPass username and password. The app will generate secure passwords for your sites, and log in for you.

Cost: Free

Supported on: Any internet-connected device

App for Focusing: Focus @ Will 

If you have a hard time focusing on the task at hand, Focus @ Will can help. Based on proven neuroscience, this web-based application plays music that helps you stay focused. You can skip any tracks that are distracting to you, and Focus @ Will learns your preferences.

Cost: 30 day trial, then $5.99/month

Supported on: All web browsers

Notes App: Evernote 

No list of helpful apps would be complete without this organizational tool. Evernote allows users to capture handwritten notes, clip articles, and finish written projects all in one place. It syncs across all of your devices. So, if you have a great idea while you’re away from your computer, just jot it down on your phone. You’ll be able to see it when you return to your desk.

Cost: Free and paid versions available

Supported on: Smartphones, tablets, and desktops

Travel App: TripIt 

This nifty app organizes all travel information into one concise itinerary. Instead of digging through 15 different confirmation emails to find your flight number and departure time, you can simply open the TripIt app. It gives you weather, dates, times, confirmation numbers, maps and much more.

Cost: Free and paid versions available

Supported on: Smartphones, tablets, and desktops