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Over a quarter of the population is under 19. The post-Millennial “Generation Z” will soon be entering the workforce and earning real purchasing power. More tech-savvy than previous cohorts and disillusioned with traditional corporate advertising, will you be ready to market to this rising group of consumers?

For digital natives, basic human requirements include food, water, shelter, wi-fi. Their phones and tablets are practically limbs, so make sure that your website is usable on mobile devices. Brick-and-mortar retailers should also consider making their coupons available on smart phones instead of requiring customers to print them off at home.

Since young people perceive reviews from strangers as more “authentic,” you should make sure you’re in good standing with sites that allow customers to review their experiences with your products and services, like Amazon and Yelp.





If your company is geared more towards teenagers and young adults, you should encourage the digital curation of your product on more visual social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Check out this Tumblr post about Doc Martens:

The new "word of mouth."

By the time I found this image on Tumblr, it had already been cross-posted to another audience on Instagram. The author put hashtags on this picture, which means that 1.) this post will show up whenever someone types up Doc Marten/Dr. Marten and 2) we can pick up our own pair from UrbanOutfitters/UO. The picture’s #softgrunge aesthetic also gives this a trendy feel that isn’t always successful reproduced by large corporate advertisers.

These are the basics, but the increasing digitalization of modern life opens up so many possibilities for advertising that we’ll continue to explore on this blog. Leave a comment, or contact the office if you’d like to talk to us about anything you read here!

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