By: Daniel Sweeney On: October 29, 2013 In: SEO Comments: 0


Press releases are traditionally used to disseminate important information to the public through various media outlets, often containing news on awards, employees, quarterly earnings or special product promotions.

While still vital in providing the public with company updates and generating awareness of a brand, recent years have seen press releases become critical part of SEO equation – and in turn, valuable tools in bringing prospective buyers through the purchasing process.

How important is SEO in the buyer/seller relationship? Studies have found that 93% of buyers begin their journey with an online search, with 88% clicking on an organic search result. Leads driven by search engine results have been shown to have the lead-to-close rate at 15%.

In a recent study done by Searchmetrics, the number of backlinks was found to be the no. 3 contributing factor in SEO, just beyond Google +1’s and Facebook comments. [Search Engine Land]

When a press release is submitted via an online service, it is delivered to the media outlets within that service’s distribution network. The release then appears on news sites like Yahoo!, Google, ABC News, Associated Press, USA Today, in addition to being featured on industry-specific sites.

Ideally, your distribution service puts your press release is put directly before the eyes of those customers you’re looking to target, however the largest marketing value of the press release is obtaining valuable backlinks from the most reputable news sites on the web and boosting your website’s SEO.