By: Daniel Sweeney On: October 18, 2013 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

Social media and YouTube have brought about a new age of live marketing stunts and experiential marketing campaigns.

Advertisers and marketers have taken advantage of above-mentioned mediums to develop fun, engaging stunt-driven marketing and advertising campaigns – capturing it all on video and fostering sharing among web users.

From Febreze‘s deceptively sweet-smelling spots to the wickedly funny ads from LG, there is no shortage of viral videos that not only capture the attention of the viewer, but also effectively showcase a product, good or service.

Recently, the movie Carrie got in on the action:

In the West Village, in New York City, there’s a small coffee shop called ‘sNice that would become the location for arguably one of the best campaigns that any social media agency would thirst for. Keep in mind that actual patrons – not just actors and actresses – were present. Social Media Today

Hilarious, terrifying, freaky and funny – the stunt has it all, thus increasing its likelihood of being shared by a Twitter user or blogger, for instance. The video currently sits at just over 40 million views.

What are some of your favorite live marketing stunts? Does seeing a product put to the test with real people (like the Febreze ads) make you more interested in that item?