By: Daniel Sweeney On: August 22, 2013 In: Mobile Apps Comments: 0

If you have a television or access to the internet, chances are you’ve watched or read about AMC’s Breaking Bad, the hilarious sitcom that follows the wacky hijinks of former chemistry teacher Walter White and his partner/former student Jesse Pinkman.

Just kidding, the show is a dark drama (with a hint of humor) that follows the aforementioned White and Pinkman as they descend further and further into darkness as meth dealers.

In the midst of its final eight episodes, interest in the show has reached fever pitch, as evidenced by 5.9 million viewers tuning into the season premiere on Aug. 11.

While the show doesn’t at all glorify meth use, it’s certainly brought more eyes to it and thrust the dangers of the drug further into the spotlight.

Earlier this year, another AMC show, The Walking Dead, launched their Dead Yourself smartphone app to build early buzz for the fourth season of the drama. The app allowed the user to upload a photo of his or herself and with the click of a button see how they would look as a zombie. The app was a huge hit in and of itself, with hundreds of users going so far as sharing the photos on their social media profiles.

From these two works of fiction, we move to something very much grounded in reality – the work of, a comprehensive guide connecting those struggling with addiction to the rehab facilities and treatment centers that can help.

Though the connection between the two AMC hit programs and’s recent mobile app, “Your Face on Meth”,  isn’t expressly stated or even implied anywhere, the influence is easy to see. Breaking Bad‘s dangerous “Blue Sky” + The Walking Dead‘s “Dead Yourself” app = “Your Face on Meth”. 

A new web-based app from and digital agency Fractl brings the drug-danger story all the way home. “Your Face on Meth” is exactly what it sounds like: a visual simulation of how you’d look over time as an addict. By uploading a photo or engaging your webcam, the app decorates your face with sunken cheeks, mottled skin, blackened eyes, and facial sores. There’s nothing pretty about the results. It’s like OldBooth or FatBooth, only much, much worse. (Fast Company)

Again, the connection between the two television shows and smartphone app may be nothing but pure coincidence, but it’s neat to see two forms of entertainment that take place in the fictional world have a (perceived) influence on simple smartphone app that has the potential do real good.

(H/T Fast Company)