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Later this afternoon, comedian and Twitter savant, Rob Delaney, is set to seize control of Major League Baseball’s Twitter account, @MLB. (Mashable)

Is Delaney a former player? A talking head analyst? No, but as stated above, he’s slouch when it comes to fun, engaging writing and social media – he routinely finds himself ranked among the social network’s best follows and funniest Tweeters.

The Burning Love star’s foray into the diamond isn’t completely out of the blue. Believe it or not, the self-described 6’3 217 lbs comedian was a musical theater major at NYU and has belted out the national anthem a number of times for both the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers – most recently in this riveting performance prior to the Dodgers game on April 28.

“Six years ago, a friend who worked for the Red Sox asked me if I’d record myself singing the anthem and send it in,” writes Delaney in a 2010 blog post. “I did so and they had me sing it at a Sox/Tigers game, from home plate in a sold out Fenway Park in the city of my birth.  It was INSANELY fun and wonderful.”

In August 2011, Stephen Colbert grabbed the reins of baseball’s premier Twitter account – but Twitter has grown exponentially in the last two years, so Delaney’s turn at the wheel should be really fun to watch. With the promotion going on right now, let’s take a look a three key benefits MLB should see from the stunt.

New Followers/Wider Audience
I don’t have the exact figures in front of me, but one would assume that not all of Delaney’s nearly 840,000 followers are also following the @MLB account – myself included. I follow my @Braves, that keeps me covered. But for today, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’ll give the @MLB a follow just to see how the Delaney promotion pans out.

Not only does the stunt likely bolster MLB’s follower count, but it in turn puts the product before new eyes, folks that might otherwise shy away from America’s Pastime. These new followers may not have a team they keep up with, but ideally Delaney’s takeover acts as a launching point for a sense of fandom – maybe even latching onto the Massachusetts native’s favorite club, the Red Sox.

From Mashable to the famous pages of The Duncan Daily and all across the blogosphere, the Delaney/MLB crossover event has received coverage from numerous media outlets, of the sports, marketing and comedy variety.

While the MLB posted revenues of $7.5 billion last year and attendance continues to climb, baseball still found itself in second place in the latest Harris Poll on America’s favorite sports. Pro football took in 36 percent of the votes, with baseball snagging 11 percent.

By no means is baseball on the outs, but there’s clearly ground to be made up. Being associated with a well-respected writer/comedian/actor like Delaney and his rabid, social media savvy fan base should provide an online boost to MLB.

*Well, here we go…


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