By: Daniel Sweeney On: March 08, 2013 In: Social Media Comments: 0

Facebook unveiled yet another update on Thursday – this time revealing an updated look for its News Feed feature, one that is now consistent across all channels (Web, mobile, tablet).

“Today we’re announcing a new layout of Facebook designed to reduce clutter and focus more on stories from the people and Pages you care about,” the company stated in a press release Thursday.

When Facebook’s Timeline profile design was made public in Sept. 2011, it was evident that the social network was shifting to a more photo-centric style. Yesterday’s News Feed announcement further cements Facebook’s position as a more visually driven site.

As images continue to gain more and more prominence on the social network, your brand can easily update its Facebook marketing tactics to evolve with the News Feed.

Include Images in Status Updates
Research has already shown that status updates featuring accompanying images or graphics are significantly more likely to receive Likes or additional posts than their exclusively text counterparts. The latest version of the News Feed puts even greater emphasis on photos posted by brands by increasing the size of the images featured in a user’s content stream.

Remember: Content Is Still King
The new Following feed shows users status updates solely from brands and people they’re following exclusively – removing friend updates and giving you ample room to spotlight your brand through engaging posts and content.

Create a Killer Cover Photo
As it stands today, when a Facebook friend likes a brand’s page, the company’s name and profile picture are the only identifying graphics that appear in the News Feed. The updated News Feed will now display the brand’s cover photo as well – giving you an additional opportunity to grab the attention of another prospective fan.

I’d implore to check out Facebook Studios’ tremendous, in-depth write up about the all-new News Feed right here.