By: Daniel Sweeney On: January 23, 2013 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

As discussed on the Duncan/Day Facebook page this past Tuesday, Time Warner Cable recently launched a campaign targeting its former subscribers.

The takes a unique position in the ads – not only promising a “Better Guarantee”, but openly acknowledging unmet expectations from years past.

According to a report from The New York Times, the company has committed upward of $50M to the campaign, which includes television spots, online ads and direct mail pieces.

Not only touting an improved service, but also openly acknowledging past blunders poses an interesting question for advertisers and brands alike:

While spotlighting product and service improvement is obviously good for business, one must wonder if openly acknowledging past blunders or unmet expectations provides a boost as well?

Beyond the implications of a singular advertising or marketing campaign, even one with a $50M price tag, a brand’s reputation is among a company’s most chief concerns.

Openly addressing a past product/service issue can serve a number of purposes. For one, it shows customers that their input is valued, that their feedback didn’t fall on deaf ears – it actually had an impact. This implied two-way conversation fosters more trust and goodwill in the all-important customer-brand relationship.

While a campaign like Time Warner’s latest likely does draw more attention to past mistakes – it also showcases the company’s effort to correct those mistakes. A little egg on your face might prove to be worth it in the long-game that is building customer relationships.