By: Daniel Sweeney On: November 06, 2012 In: Election 2012 Comments: 0

Both President Obama and Governor Romney have shined with their incorporation of social media into their respective campaigns.  While both candidates saw their initial Twitter trending topic efforts yield mixed results, the two campaigns haven’t showed any signs of slowing down on social media.

Obama is looking to build off of a 2008 campaign that earned high praise from political pundits and web marketing gurus everywhere for its heavy integration of social media.

The President recently drew even more applause from the Internet community for tapping into Reddit  – taking part in one of the site’s famous Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions last month.

“By bolting together social networking applications under the banner of a movement, they created an unforeseen force to raise money, organize locally, fight smear campaigns and get out the vote,” said Netscape founder and Facebook board member Marc Andreessen.

While Obama might be grabbing headlines with his recent AMA session, the GOP’s social media managers are no slouches either. The Romney campaign is “trying to be politics first before digital first,” according to the camp’s digital director, Zac Moffatti.

In addition to having Romney’s sons on Twitter, the campaign has dispatched the Governor’s wife, Ann, to run its Pinterest page. With more than 11,000 followers, Mrs. Romney is quite active on the visually-charged social network – pinning everything from patriotic treats to family photos to pictures from the campaign trail.

The First Lady recently made major social media waves herself. With her speech at the DNC on Tuesday, Aug. 28, Michelle Obama prompted an eye-opening 28,000 tweets per minute.

From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Reddit, the 2012 race is shaping up to the be the most interactive election ever.

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