By: Daniel Sweeney On: October 04, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

Gotta have my pops. Not the call to action you’ve come to expect in a television commercial, but rather a declarative statement. The hidden context in that proclamation being, “Corn Pops are so good, so delicious, so incredibly pleasing to my palate that they are absolutely critical to my continued survival. I simply must have them.”

Breakfast cereal is a big deal when you’re a kid and an even bigger deal when you were a fat kid, as I was. Corn Pops weren’t my favorite for no reason – they were delicious and healthy enough to pass mother’s litmus test. Seeing this young man’s decree that he had to have them only made me want Corn Pops even more.

It’s clear that I was destined to Breaking Bad from childhood. Why? Because one of the stars of today’s featured commercial is none other than Jesse Pinkman himself, Aaron Paul.

After moving to L.A. when he was 17, the Breaking Bad star cites his Pops commercial as his first acting gig. While I’m sure Paul is forever gracious for the opportunity Kellogg’s bestowed upon him, when asked about the television spot in a recent interview Paul claims, “I haven’t eaten Corn Pops since.”

(H/T Uproxx)