By: Daniel Sweeney On: September 27, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

Creating brand advocates is a big part of a brand’s social media efforts.Ted Rubin

With social media, the opportunity to directly connect to consumers and engage in two-way conversation lends a tremendous hand in your company’s ability to turn customers into fans.

One of the keys to helping transform a customer into a fan is absolutely blowing the customer away when it comes to a experience with the brand – you’re going to have to move the goal line beyond mere  satisfaction (WSJ).

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. all give you the opportunity to take the customer experience beyond your front door or website.

Interacting with customers, entertaining users with contests and promotions or engaging them with compelling content are all easy ways to endear your brand to customers and give your company more personality – developing a social media voice (in line with your brand) that customers can identify with.

Even if it’s responding to tweets or Facebook comments with a simple “thanks”, social media gives you limitless opportunities and avenues by which to effortlessly humanize your brand. Check out Mashable for a a few easy ways you can endear your company to social media users.