By: Daniel Sweeney On: September 24, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

The annual celebration of all things Texas, the Texas State Fair, kicks off later this week. With staples like Big Tex and Tiny Tim, err, Tina, the State Fair draws an average of 3 million visitors every fall. With more than 125 years of proven success, the State Fair and its organizers know their audience, brand and consistently deliver on their promise of providing the people of Texas with a fun, worthwhile time every fair season.

Aside from engineering enhancements that have allowed for newer rides and other advancements that have come over time, the State Fair has never strayed much from its formula for success.

Like any longstanding, successful company, the Texas State Fair has been able to adapt to the times without getting too far away from the things that have made it century-long success. Rides, musical acts and the latest fried flavor may have changed, but the spirit of the State Fair has remained the same for more than 125 years.

Even Big Tex and the Texas Star, long synonymous with the fair itself, weren’t around during the fair’s inception, added in 1952 and 1985, respectively. While the fair has certainly undergone some changes in its lifetime, it’s clearly maintained a connection to customers.

Following the Texas State Fair’s lead and adapting your company’s advertising and marketing efforts to the changing business environment is easier than you might think.

With a Facebook brand page as your Big Tex and mobile marketing capabilities (QR codes, apps) as your Texas Star, you can easily integrate new and exciting tactics into your company’s promotional efforts without losing touch with your customers and brand identity.