By: Daniel Sweeney On: September 13, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

“I bet everyone who used to watch Nick everyday like I did can still recite this whole commercial by heart.”

You couldn’t ask for a better description for this week’s Throwback Thursday ad. First airing in 1997 this 60-second spot didn’t necessarily promote Nickelodeon Magazine, but rather encouraged children to ask their parents for Nickelodeon Magazine – beautifully engaging the gatekeepers (children) to get to real decision makers (parents). Genius.

Through quick-cutting graphics, wild animation and overly dramatic young actors, the commercial made for a minute-long sensory overload that’s still fresh in the mind of viewers 15 years later.

“It’s like YouTube stuck a tube in my head and sucked out my memories and_ put them in the computer!” says one commenter. Amen BlackJack0202. Amen. *Wipes single tear from cheek*

*Fun Fact: Sleigh Bells’ singer, Alexis Krauss is the girl reading the magazine at the 7-second mark.