By: Daniel Sweeney On: September 04, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

Log on to your Pinterest page and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see three things: an outfit, an inspirational quote over a landscape and a minimalist ad.

While some effective print ads may not receive much online praise, the ads incorporating minimalism almost always draws applause from the online community.

Is it the artistic use of negative space? Do readers get some kind of satisfaction when they pick up on the ad’s creativity? Or maybe the minimalist ad is just an escape from the norm.

When the average American is exposed to an estimated 5,000 ads on a given day, it’s easy to understand why a creative shift from standard advertising clichés and tropes is welcomed.

The appeal of the minimalist design reaches both consumers and industry pros, as evidenced by the above Coca Cola ad (created by Jonathan Mak Long and Ogilvy Shanghai taking home an Outdoor Grand Prix award.

I think Rebecca Loveridge from Business2Community sums up the success and popularity of minimalist advertising best in her May 2012 post:

Minimalist advertising—told through simple but brilliant imagery—more effectively tells a story than any crummy cliché, catchy tag line or crazy logo ever could.

Do you enjoy minimalist ads? What is it about them that appeals to you? Share some of your favorite ads below in the comments.

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