By: Daniel Sweeney On: August 28, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

“Branding is very, very important.” Strong words from ad exec? Perhaps they were spoken by a Fortune 500 company’s CMO? Try the head coach of Vanderbilt’s football team, James Franklin.

With football season kicking off in just two days, colleges and universities all across the country are getting ready to send out their most high-profile brand ambassadors onto the field – their football teams.

While your company might not be recruiting any 18 year-old blue chip quarterbacks, you’ve most likely still got an eye out for a few top prospects – namely new customers and future employees.

As with anything in advertising and marketing, one of the primary challenges you face is how to distinguish your company in the mind of you target audience, be they potential customers or employees

Making the most of your resources and accentuating your assets are both great ways to create a unique brand.

For example, Oregon has used its relationship with famous alum and Nike Chairman Phil Knight to create wholly unique brand for its athletic department and, in turn, the university itself.

Do you have a Phil Knight to hitch your brand to? What will be your company’s answer to the Ducks’ uniforms that help create your distinct corporate identity?