By: Daniel Sweeney On: August 27, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

The folks over at Adweek got their hands on the newest Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority “Keep Calm & Carry On” advertisement – which features an extra royal, timely twist that clearly references Prince Harry’s recent Sin City exploits.

While the LVCVA is no stranger to advertising success, it appears they’ve struck gold with this latest print piece, which took up an entire page in today’s USA Today. Aside from its paid placement in a national newspaper, the ad’s received heavy play on numerous advertising and marketing blogs.

There’s nothing wrong with riding the coattails of a recent event or news story to generate a little extra publicity for a campaign. Staying topical and churning out timely ads is a great way to not only stay fresh in the mind of consumers, but it gives you the opportunity to show off wit and creativity as well.

While these ads might sacrifice shelf life for timeliness and relevance, you can’t overlook the coverage and attention they receive, both from the public and the industry. And in the case that they might kick up a little controversy, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Isn’t all publicity good publicity?”

(H/T Adweek)