By: Daniel Sweeney On: August 20, 2012 In: News Comments: 0

The late, great Tony Scott has often had his directorial style described as kinetic, quick cutting and exciting. From Top Gun to Taking of Pelham 123, Scott’s unique brand of direction was constantly on display.  

Beyond his big screen work (The Last Boy Scout and The Fan are criminally underrated, by the way), Scott also delved into the commercial world, quite a bit actually. The fantastic folks over at Adweek have a great post highlighting the director’s final ad work, a spot for Diet Mountain Dew featuring Dallas’s own Mark Cuban.

Whether you enjoyed his films or not, you have to appreciate the man’s commitment to his craft and a style that he truly made his own. Scott’s career in Hollywood should stand as an example of how to properly build and maintain a brand – identifying his strengths, expanding upon them and giving his audience the type of films he knew they wanted.

The Days of Thunder director established his brand of gritty, hyper-stylized action in the 1980s and used every film or television spot thereafter to cement his legacy in Hollywood. Scott and his work will certainly be missed.