By: Daniel Sweeney On: August 15, 2012 In: Social Media Comments: 0

With more and more users logging onto Facebook and Twitter everyday and new social networks popping up as well, it’s becoming critical that businesses maintain a strong, uniform message across all avenues.

So how are companies tackling the growing communication channels that new social networks and increased opportunities presented? Well, count on the folks at Oregon Athletics (they of the eccentrically amazing and dynamic football uniforms) to take things to the next level.

Just last week the folks up in Eugene introduced their all-new social media command center, the QuackCave. Complete with iPads and wireless keyboards, the QuackCave gives the Ducks 24/7 access to all things social media – including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.

“Big brother is now officially watching, but in a good way,” said Andy McNamara, who oversees and manages the athletic department’s social media accounts. “We have an ever-growing, technically savvy fan base that’s deeply passionate about the Ducks, and the QuackCave will allow us to connect and respond to them in a personal and unique way.” 

Instead of sitting back and waiting for the conversation to come to them, the Ducks’ proactive approach to social media is quite refreshing. As the folks at Inc. are quick to point out, effective social media marketing and communication takes time, effort and a true understand of a company’s overall brand.

Social media is much more than just a great add-on to your ongoing marketing efforts, it’s an incredible tool that, if used properly, can enable you to engage your customers on levels never before thought possible. Think of your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles as living, breathing extensions of your brand, giving you the unique opportunity to participate in two-way conversations directly with your target audience.

You don’t need your own QuackCave to optimize your social media efforts – with the right strategy and compelling content you’ll be able to build stronger relationships with consumers, strengthen your brand and offer your customers more personal customer service.