By: Daniel Sweeney On: June 01, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

While they may be hogging headlines with news on their CEO’s wedding and the company’s IPO, Facebook hasn’t forgotten about the little guy – the social media marketing community.

Just a few months ago we already saw Facebook Brand Pages get tossed a major bone with the introduction of the Timeline profile design – but did you expect Zuckerberg and Co. to spoil us again so soon?  In the coming weeks Facebook will be introducing assigned administrator roles and scheduled posts to its Brand Pages.

The new admin roles give brands plenty of options when it comes to assigning various responsibilities to different employees – ranging from Manager to Insights Analyst (detailed below). While these new admin options are certainly appealing to larger companies, what really has me psyched for this new offering is the schedule posts feature.

While some social media management programs have offered this scheduled posts tool for years now, seeing it come directly from Facebook itself is huge win for social media marketers.

Like I said above, the ability to schedule posts via social media management software has existed for years, but it’s come with a catch – a “posted from Software XYZ” note below the post and the lack of thumbnail options for posted links.

Because the brand pages allow us as businesses to expand our relationship with consumers and customers, I can’t help but think page subscribers and Facebook fans read the “posted from Software XYZ” note on a scheduled post and feel the post is bogus – that I, as the page administrator, don’t have the time to give them a genuine update so I’ll just schedule something to keep them off my back.

Be it true or perceived, I certainly don’t want to call my credibility, or more importantly the brand’s, into question with a page’s fans. The difference now is that I still get the advantage of scheduling posts, but lose any stigma associated with an update that may come across as automated.

The issues coming from a day out of the office for a Facebook page manager (with a smart phone) were all but eliminated a few weeks ago with the debut of the Facebook Pages Manager app. Linking to your personal Facebook account and allowing you to seamlessly bounce between pages, the app also allows you access to administrators and even Insights on your page – two items that were previously unavailable in the standard Facebook mobile app.

Now, with the combined power of the Pages Manager app, new admin options and scheduled posts, one can effortlessly analyze, monitor and update their brand’s Facebook page without access to a desktop or laptop.

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