By: Daniel Sweeney On: May 09, 2012 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

The Facebook game has changed, just in the last year the social network and its brand pages haveundergone a serious facelift – the shift to the Timeline profile design,  the addition of Page subscriptions and, most recently, the introduction of the offers and events. But how do all of these affect your company? How should your business adapt its Facebook marketing strategy and start taking advantage of the opportunities these new features present? Fortunately we’ve done our due diligence and combined a few older Facebook truths with some new tips to create the New Rules of Engagement for Facebook Brand Pages.

Stay on Topic
According to recent research, status updates regarding a topic that was relevant to the brand. Facebook users likely became fans of your brand page because they like your company or your products, it’s only logical that they’ll subsequently be drawn to content regarding your brand or company.

Ask Questions & Use Polls
Asking your fans questions is a quick way to get your fans to start commenting. In addition to just asking questions, the polls feature also gives you an excellent opportunity to quickly ask for input from brand page’s fans – by giving users options, they can share their opinion with the click of a button, as opposed to typing out a written response and posting it as a comment

Post Picture & Videos
While likes are great, shares might mean even more in terms of marketing on Facebook. With updates constantly appearing on users’ newsfeeds, one of your goals for Facebook should be to expand your brand page’s reach by appearing on more newsfeeds – how do you do this? By getting users to share your updates by posting compelling content like pictures and videos. The Timeline page design encourages more media-based updates from your brand.

Understand the Importance of the Brand Page Cover Photo
For the longest time, with previous profile design for brand pages, Wall posts were the ultimate way to grab a user’s attention, that has since shifted. With the introduction of the Timeline design and its impressive Cover Photo feature, studies have shown that users’ eyes have moved up and away – moving from the content featured on the Wall to the featured Cover Photo.

One eye tracking study found that 100% of viewers glanced at the brand page’s Cover Photo, while between 65% to 92% looked at the Wall content. The Photos, Likes, Facebook Apps and Events tabs below the Cover Photo have been getting more attention on the new brand pages.

Utilize Insights
Facebook’s Insights program offers brands an excellent tool to help determine which of their page’s posts are getting the most engagement from your users and how many clicks, shares, views and shares they’re receiving. Here’s some great, um, insight into how to use Insights.

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