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Just like March Madness, the business world is full of Cinderella stories – brands and companies rising from humble beginnings to become titans of their respective industries. But how can you put your small company into position to make a run towards the big-time? How can you become the next VCU or Butler of your particular business? Thanks to social media and a variety web-based marketing tools, a climb to the top, while never cakewalk, has certainly gotten easier in recent years.

Create a Viral Video
Push the right buttons with a short video clip on YouTube and you’ve got lightening in a bottle. Take Dollar Shave Club for instance…

The video above, currently sitting at more than three million views, was posted by the Dollar Shave Club on March 5. By March 7, the company announced it was set to receive $1 million in funding. How about that for fast results? Witty. Well-Written. Funny. Fast.

Develop a Functioning, Engaging and Informative Website
Going hand-in-hand with a strong social media presence is an equally as impressive website. From your homepage to your contact page, your site needs to attract visitors, keep their attention and create a satisfying user experience. Compelling content can present itself in a number of forms: blog,  company timeline, interesting bios or even a well-stocked media page.

Maximize SEO
Your website, along with its killer content and jaw-dropping design, means little if you have poor SEO. When launching a new site, getting more outbound links directing traffic to your site is absolutely vital to your success. A good starting point: Research your competition and make a list of search queries and keywords you’d like to target. Also, check out these quick tips: SEO Lessons for Startups and The Beginner’s Checklist for Small Business SEO.

Optimize Social Media
Never before has connecting with consumers been easier than it is today. Thanks to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, feedback and two-way conversation have become an everyday part of business. Even beyond the aforementioned sites, social media is offering new opportunities everyday– Pinterest gives brands a visual, online catalog to showcase their products.

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