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Stock in neon tank tops is soaring and the six packs of local microbrews at the grocery store have been replaced by 30-packs of generic cheap beer. All of this means just one thing: Spring Break.

Just because SB2012 belongs to the undergrads, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little staycation from your desk. See the sights on Facebook. Take a trip to Twitter – make it a company outing and connect with fans and potential customers. As your personal travel agent, I’ve broken down the social network destinations to help you decide where your company should focus its time and promotional efforts.

Facebook – Key West
Tried and true, proven and the most popular. With its more than 845 million users monthly, it’s hard to argue that Facebook isn’t the ultimate online destination for customers. Just as Key West has seen its attractions grow, Facebook continues to offer users and marketers unique tools – like the new Timeline profile design. With the integration of sponsored stories into users’ news feeds, Facebook is beautifully blurring the line between earned and paid media.

Twitter – The Bahamas
Trendy, but still lagging behind its more popular and accessible alternative. Like The Bahamas, Twitter is a tad more costly and time consuming – requiring more updates and fresher content than a more static Facebook page. Where Facebook helped build the direct connection between consumer and brand, Twitter turned the connection in a true two-way, real-time conversation. With its estimated 500 million users, a new brand page design and promoted hashtags and tweets, Twitter continues to grow.

MySpace – Daytona Beach
U.S. News’ summation of Daytona Beach can easily be applied to MySpace – “Once the Spring Break destination of Florida, Daytona’s star has faded; however, the NASCAR capital still attracts thousands of student annually.” Once bought for $580 million by Wall Street New Corp. in 2005, the social network was sold in June 2011 for $35 million. The company has since shifted its focus to music and integration with other social networks, seeing some success and announcing one million new users just last month.

Google+ – Puerto Rico
A lot of time and money have been invested in promoting and advertising the two as a hotspots for social networkers and spring breakers, respectively. With more than 90 million users and the introduction of the social search, Google+ is certainly making noise but still has a ways to go before being considered on the same level as other social network titans like Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest – Charleston
It’s all about the visuals here. Like Charleston, millions of visitors flock to Pinterest for the visual beauty perpetually on display (brilliant print ads, home décor tips, etc.). These visitors eventually come to find that Pinterest is much, much more than just a gallery of things shot with what appears to be a “Pottery Barn” camera filter. It’s the ideal spot to showcase products, share new ideas and connect your physical presence with your online presence to the site’s 10 million-plus users.

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