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Love is still fresh in the air just days after Valentine’s Day, but for some of us it’s not the relationship with our significant other that’s most pressing, it’s the one with the consumer that keeps us up at night. Instead of beating your head against the keyboard looking for that perfect call to action or email template, simply take a few pointers from the relationship gurus in Hollywood.

Keep Up With Your Audience (The Notebook)
Don’t forget to write! Whether your target market is directly in front of you or thousands of miles away it’s important to always remain in constant contact with them. How best to do that? Write to them, communicate with them, be it through Facebook, Twitter or an email newsletter. With brands reaching out to consumers 24/7 through social media, it’s important to stay constantly connected and keep your company top of mind because you never know what your competition has in store. Which brings me to my next point…

Count on Interference (Romeo & Juliet)
As everyone’s favorite Montague can attest, getting your message to its intended audience is easier said than done. Be it a competitor, a promoted hashtag compromised (McDonald’s) or an overzealous family member who holds a serious grudge – it’s a given that you’re going to run into problems when building your relationship, but remember to…

Never Let Go (Titanic)
Yes, yes I know Rose actually did let go, but the lesson here is to never give up – she survived didn’t she? Everything may be going to hell and the ship might be sinking (see what I did there?), but the key is perseverance. Mistakes will happen; they always do in advertising and marketing. When I troll the blogs every day for our Morning Announcements I see at least one or two posts preaching accepting and learning from mistakes, keeping in mind that…

A Great Campaign Can Make Everything OK (Dirty Dancing)
So the 1987 classic taught us two things: 1) Nobody puts Baby in a corner  2) A big number can save the day. So while you may not be “having the time of [your] life” after going through a situation outlined in the Romeo & Juliet section, know that a well-thought out and even better executed campaign, ad or promotional piece can bring you back from the abyss. A better crisis management case study beyond Dirty Dancing? Tylenol and their cyanide scare in 1982.

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