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One month into the New Year and we’re already about to take a major step in seeing which mobile marketing trends will sink or swim in 2012. Today I’m taking a look at three of the biggest trends in the on-the-go advertising world; one is often debated, while the other two seem to just now be coming into their own. Not only are all three major players in the future of mobile marketing, but they’ll all be taking the field in less than a week during Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast.

QR Codes
In 2012 QR codes continue to be a hot topic among advertisers and marketers. QR has both its avid supporters and fervent detractors. But the fact is those nifty little codes continue to pop up on everything from t-shirts to packaging to your basic print ads and billboards.

Research has shown the 1 in every 12 magazine ad pages now contains some type of action or QR code., a Super Bowl regular, has been utilizing QR codes in its TV spots for the last several months, will we see much of the same on Sunday?

Music Streaming Services
Music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify have become wildly popular  as smart phone usage has skyrocketed. However, as successful as these digital, online radio companies have become, it’s estimated that traditional radio ad spending trumped online radio ad spending $15.7 billion to $800 million in 2011.

By providing marketers with in-depth audience metrics previously unavailable in traditional radio, there’s still vast potential in the advertising opportunities these streaming services offer. PepsiCo has announced a special partnership with Pandora during the big game – sponsoring a Super Bowl-themed station throughout Sunday evening.

Just in the next few weeks we should get a great gauge on the Shazam’s marketing potential, as it’s applied to nearly one-third of this year’s Super Bowl spots. Viewers can simply Shazam one of the enabled ads during the broadcast and be taken to additional content. If the Shazamable ads score big during the broadcast who knows what 2012 holds for the audio recognition app.

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