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Aside from the holidays, I count the NFL Playoffs as my favorite time of year. But while I’ve been enjoying the games and watching my beloved Falcons flounder yet again, I’ve been taking a few notes as well. In addition to the pure market dominance the NFL shows, this year’s pigskin postseason has taught me a thing or two about my profession too.

Patriots over Broncos: Be multidimensional. Tim Tebow’s Broncos and their unique option attack took the league by storm during much of the regular season, but were ultimately dropped by Tom Brady’s Patriots and their wide-ranging offensive weapons. While a one dimensional, flashy campaign may initially be a quick hit, it’s often the better-planned, multifaceted campaign that shows greater sustained success.

Green Bay Packers: Prepare for adversity. Last year’s Super Bowl champs posted a near-flawless 15-1 record during the regular season, only to crumble when faced with a double-digit deficit and New York’s relentless defense. The advertisers and marketers expecting the sun to always be shining may be overwhelmed when disaster strikes. A battle-tested team of communicators won’t crack under pressure when things go south.

New York Giants: Timing is everything. Mired in mediocrity much of the year, the Giants saved their best ball when it the mattered the most – the playoffs. Email testing and metrics can help you determine the perfect time to strike – the ideal day of the week or time of the day to broadcast your message to your audience.

San Francisco 49ers: Don’t discount immediate returns. Many NFL pundits quickly labeled the 49ers early success as a fluke; now the San Francisco club is one win away from the Super Bowl. The final verdict on a particular campaign may not be in until certain goals and benchmarks are met, but initial success shouldn’t be overlooked or brushed to the side.

*More lessons to come this weekend.

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