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Social media marketers could all learn a thing or two from the produce business: Freshness is key. Add in a dash of the timeless advertising adage content is king and you realize that when it comes to social media marketing, fresh content is imperative.

So how do you keep your blog and social media profiles consistently stocked with compelling and engaging content? Whether you’re looking for inspiration or simply a few good reads to link to, these five sources might be just the thing you need:

-Industry News Briefs There are dozens of companies like SmartBrief and MultiBriefs out there who put together daily aggregates of news and notes for almost every industry imaginable. Simply find the trade association you can most identify with, sign up for their brief and by the following morning you’ll find yourself perusing through the daily email, almost overwhelmed by the amount of relevant news and notes you’ve got in front of you

-Business Journals Local business journals, like the good folks at the Collin County Business Press, are fantastic sources of interesting, regional business news that may otherwise fall through the cracks. Becoming a reliable source of  relevant headlines and reports for you customers and audience is a quick and easy way to build trust and credibility.

-Forbes Best of the Web Directory Forbes puts together an annual Best of the Web directory featuring the top industry sites and blogs. From art blogs to blogs dedicated to video games, almost every industry and interest is covered in the publication’s annual list.

-StumbleUpon A perfect cure for writer’s block. Head over to, sign up, mark some of your interests and start stumbling. Yes, it really is that easy.

-LinkedIn Anyone not on LinkedIn, I’d recommend you get over there and sign up today. Not only is it a fantastic way to network and keep up with colleagues and other business contacts, but with the LinkedIn Today online publication, daily news and notes about your industry are right on your screen whenever you access the site.


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