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DALLAS – Graphic Designer. Digital Artist. Jimmy Johns Fanatic. Trendsetter. Duncan/Day Art Director Laura McCaskill wears a number of hats around the office, but does soothsayer now belong on this list?

In a startling revelation of clairvoyance and utter design prowess, Duncan/Day Advertising, under the direction of its esteemed art director/office oracle, accurately selected the 2012 Pantone Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, in its 2011 rebranding process.

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive,” remarked Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman when discussing Tangerine Tango. [Ed. Note: The same adjectives could be used to describe the Duncan/Day staff.]

“Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy,” said Eiseman on the Color of the Year.

But who deserves most of the praise for Tangerine Tango’s recent success? The individuals who developed the color? The Pantone staff? Lady Luck?

One could make that case that Tangerine Tango owes much of its success to McCaskill.

Had the University of Texas grad not used her keen eye to identify the appeal of Tangerine Tango, who knows what type of attention the color would have received in 2011? Had the color not appeared throughout Duncan/Day’s updated homepage and marketing collateral, who is to say Tangerine Tango would have even been in consideration for Color of the Year?

While McCaskill deflects much of the credit, she’s seen a significant rise in her credibility around the office. After accurately forecasting Tangerine Tango’s rise to prominence in 2011, McCaskill has seen her inbox become inundated with requests for advice from her coworkers.

Her next fearless prediction for 2012: “Keep an eye on Facebook going public, I think that Mark Zuckerberg might have a future with this whole social network thing.”

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