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Forget the “most wonderful time of the year,” right now, December 23, is officially crunch time. It’s that time of year when those of us too busy to buy gifts earlier (read: lazy) scramble for those last-second presents for our loved ones. But what about me? What about what I want?

So while you’re running around town picking up the last Snuggie for Mom, would mind grabbing a few these things for me?

An All-In-One Augmented Reality App
I wrote about this in my post last week, but since Microsoft has gone ahead and released an all-in-one tag, QR and NFC reader my appetite for a similar AR app has greatly increased.

Sure, Augmented Reality has its numerous critics, those who often question AR campaigns’ effectiveness since they require so much action to even be accessed, but an app like this Microsoft one would help eliminate of number of those hurdles. With 44% of Americans owning smart phones (according to PCMag), AR campaigns hold vast potential that is severely limited by the absence of a universal app.

A Fresh Start with Friends on Facebook
Yes, the new Timeline profile design sure is fantastic. I can effortlessly browse through everything from my undergrad years right up until today. Hilarious pictures! Questionable status updates! And a good refresher on when I friended the random people whose updates fill up my news feed!

While I do love seeing what a couple of my dear old friends are up to, I’m not really too concerned with what someone I met during freshmen orientation in 2005 is doing right now in Chicago.

Apple to Slowdown (Note: this is entirely selfishly motivated)
I love my new iPhone and I’m going to continue to be enamored by its almost infinite capabilities….that is of course, until the iPhone 5 comes out in a few months. (Just kidding Apple! Don’t ever change. Ever.)

So with that I wish you the happiest of holidays on behalf of all of us here at Duncan/Day!

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