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Nielsen Ratings aren’t the only television metrics that matter anymore. Sites like and now release a weekly Social TV Chart breaking down the TV shows with the most social buzz. Info for the rankings is compiled from various sites, including: Facebook, GetGlue, Miso and Twitter.

Other than annual awards shows, the majority of the Top 10 on the Social TV Chart is fairly consistent week to week. While there is certainly some correlation between the Social TV Chart and the weekly Nielsen Ratings, there appears to be a discrepancy among other programs.

Shows like Castle and NCIS dominate the Nielsen Top 10 but are nowhere to be found in the Social TV Chart. To contrast, the same can be said for Ghost Hunters and The Vampire Diaries with their positions on the Social TV Chart and absences in the Nielsen Ratings.

While the Social TV Chart may not shed much light on total viewership numbers, it does provide insight into the demographics to which certain programs are pandering.

With the average Facebook and Twitter user being between the ages of 18-25 and 26-34, respectively, one can assume that programs like American Horror Story are particularly attractive to advertisers who identify individuals within these age ranges as their target market.

South Park may not deliver the same ratings as a show like The Mentalist, but the Comedy Central program does offer advertisers a direct connection to the social media savvy and those most likely to engage in conversation online. The foul-mouthed fourth graders have almost 35 million likes on Facebook and more than 220,000 followers on Twitter compared to The Mentalist’s 3.4 million likes and nearly 37,000 followers.

With a program that receives heavy social media buzz, advertisers can’t help but get excited at the prospect of their 30-second spot going viral and engaging more consumers via Facebook or Twitter. A show with a fan base that’s highly active in Facebook and Twitter motivates advertisers to develop more engaging and “sticky” content in an effort to stir online conversation.

Advertising during shows found at the top of the Social TV Chart may not put a company’s product or service directly before as many eyes as a top Nielsen rated show, but it does present a tremendous opportunity to engage more consumers via social media.

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