By: Daniel Sweeney On: October 14, 2011 In: Advertising & Marketing, News Comments: 0

The malt beverage Four Loko has been stirring controversy for the better part of two years now due to its unique blend of caffeine and alcohol content. The drink’s parent company, Chicago-based Phusion Projects, has received an unprecedented amount of media attention as it’s come under heavy scrutiny from the FDA and FTC.

There’s an old saying in the sports world that goes “the best defense is a good offense.” You can count Phusion Projects as subscribers to the mantra, as they’ve gone on the offensive with their latest advertising and marketing efforts. In their newest campaign, titled appropriately Everything’s Gone Four Loko, the company is clearly poking fun at “today’s crazy news world.”

While the company’s new advertising push certainly isn’t going to change any critics’ minds, it does get Four Loko some publicity that doesn’t center around government sanctions.
Check out the Everything’s Gone Four Loko website here or read the release here from PRNewswire.

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