By: Daniel Sweeney On: October 11, 2011 In: Advertising & Marketing Comments: 0

Talk about a two-for-Tuesday! The video below is part of a cleverly crafted viral campaign featuring two of our favorite things: The Black Keys and Bob Odenkirk, more commonly known as Saul Goodman, the slime ball lawyer from Breaking Bad.

Appearing to be a gag reel of failed takes for a local used car lot commercial, the video is quickly making its rounds on the web. Featuring the Breaking Bad actor certainly doesn’t hurt, as the clip has already been seeing major buzz from fans of the hit AMC show.

What I think is so great and fun about the video is that not until the very end is a quick frame referencing the rock group from Akron. The quick cut just shows three lines of text over a black backdrop reading, “The Black Keys, “El Camino”, December 6.”

The audience is thoroughly entertained by Odenkirk’s minute-long antics, and then becomes engaged once they see the quick second of marketing messaging. The viewer feels like they’re “in on it” and feels rewarded for this when they pass the video along to their friends.

The video has a corresponding website, The site features the video and a few pictures of, you guessed it, vans, as well as a number to call for inquiries. Dial the number and you get a message from Black Keys’ drummer Pat describing the van available for purchase.

Clever, funny and quick in just 1:04. An overall fun campaign, I hope we see more!

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