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In a recent issue of the Dallas Business Journal, 7-Eleven was revealed as the No. 1 company in the publication’s Top 100 Largest North Texas-headquartered Private Companies for the second consecutive year. The Dallas-based retailer boasted revenue upward of $16 billion, a slight increase from last year’s $15.10 billion.

So how exactly are the kings of convenience surpassing the likes of Energy Future Holdings, Michael Stores and Neiman Marcus as North Texas’s top private company? It could be any number of factors, from their corner on the…corner store market to their worldwide presence, with more than 42,400 stores in 16 countries. But one thing that’s stuck out to me recently is the company’s strong online presence and exciting marketing partnerships and promotions.

7-Eleven’s Twitter handle currently has more than 11,500 followers and appears on approximately 220 lists. The company’s Facebook presence is even larger, with more than 995,000 likes and almost 67,000 check-ins. With weekly contests, sweepstakes, polls and videos, 7-Eleven is consistently engaging customers with a wide variety of dynamic content.

This past July 11, 7-Eleven celebrated its 84th birthday with its highly successful 7-Eleven Day promotion. The company invited fans to visit any location on Monday, July 11 to grab a free 7.11-ounce Slurpee in “Slurpee-bration” of the company’s anniversary. The numbers from the 2011 promotion haven’t been released yet, but last year’s event saw 4.5 million syrupy beverages handed out. Ironically enough, Slurpee sales actually jumped 38%.

A 38% sales increase on an item that was being given out for free? Yes, you read that correctly. A great article from USA Today pointed out that customers were drawn to the store by the promotion, took a free taste and ultimately decided they wanted more than the allotted 7.11 ounces of free sugary goodness.

Through their social media profiles and partnerships with the likes of Amazon, 20th Century Fox and World Wrestling Entertainment, 7-Eleven has developed a strong identity as a fun-loving franchise. In 2007, the company transformed a dozen of its stores into Kwik-E-Mart in cross-promotional effort for The Simpsons Movie. Not only does the company have a colorful, exciting brand; consumers are clearly attracted to their customer-friendly atmosphere, with prizes and free giveaways galore.

7-Eleven has shown us the power of an attractive brand and the value of customer goodwill. The doors at 7-Eleven keep opening, the Slurpees keep flowing and 7-Eleven execs now appear to be the ones saying “Oh thank heaven.”

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