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Blame it on Don Draper and the good folks at Sterling Cooper. Blame it on the skateboarding ruffians outside of the pharmacy. But the fact of the matter is that the advertisements and design style that distinguished, elder ladies like Josephine and myself grew up on have now become “hip.”

The rise of the retro is overwhelmingly evident across all media. Turn on your TV and you’ll see that the success of the Mad Men has brought on the recent development of shows like ABC’s Pan Am and NBC’s The Playboy Club. Speaking of Mad Men, I hear there is a rumor that I was the inspiration for Jon Hamm’s character. All I can say is that I cannot say anything, due to contractual obligations.

There might be a commercial break during Hollywood Squares and you’ll catch a retro ad for Chrysler’s newest car, the Fiat. Drive up to 7-11 to grab a pop and see the Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwback bottles, vaunting real sugar as an ingredient. Believe it or not, back in the day everything was made with real sugar, none of this Splender or Trivier or whatever business.

The NBA, NFL and MLB shops have their own respective vintage sections. On I can buy a brand new 1968-style jersey of that old dreamboat Broadway Joe Namath. Sports fans seems especially drawn to the throwback uniforms, although no one really misses the NBA’s short-shorts.

Look at the wildly popular In-N-Out Burger restaurants and their flashy, 50s-esque white and red interiors and a stylized throwback logo. And apparently it’s now cool for boys to wear the same cut of skinny-legged jeans us ladies wore in the 60s.

Is it a warm sense of nostalgia that the vintage logos give customers? Are they reminded of simpler, more innocent time? Or is it something else? Do the forgotten designs come across as “new” and “innovative” decades after they were originally introduced?

Whatever the reasoning, the retro ads and styles seem to be striking a cord with consumers. Below are a few of our favorite vintage ads and designs from recent campaigns:

General Mills release limited-edition vintage boxes earlier this year.

In-N-Out Burger and Krispy Kreme are two examples of retro logo designs.


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