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The King, known affectionately as “TK2K” by his loved ones, was lost this past Friday due to complications from overexposure and dwindling sales. He is survived by his children, Whopper and Whopper Jr., and his estranged brother, the Hamburglar. The most recent incarnation of The King was born in 2004 to parents Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Known for his impeccable timing and lavish outfits (he is rumored to have been the inspiration for another fictional character, Lady Gaga), The King always had a smile on his face. Literally, he always had a smile on his face, 100% of the time. His face was plastic and he couldn’t not have a smile.

While somewhat polarizing throughout the advertising community, The King will best be remembered for his unpredictable antics and tomfoolery in the company’s television ads these past few years. Whether he was scrambling like Steve Young or working on highly dangerous construction sites, The King could always be counted on to bring either a smile or a fearful shudder from those who encountered him. The King may have passed, but his spirit lives on in BK’s Baconator (delicious, btw) and Chicken Fries.

So raise your Oreo BK Sundae Strawberry Shake one last time and help us remember His Highness by taking a look at a few of our favorite BK ads.

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