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According to Nielsen, the average American is exposed to more than 1,600 advertising messages a day. According to me, I can’t even recall 16 advertising messages I’ve seen in the past 24 hours.

In the advertising overload world of 2011, it’s becoming increasingly important that advertisers and brands ditch the cliché and get clever. Was this post just an excuse for me to reference my all-time favorite movie (Jurassic Park)? I can neither confirm nor deny this charge.

But what I can do is ask that you take a look at some of these pieces below to see how some of today’s most clever and creative communicators are keeping up with the Kardashians 21st century consumers:
You’ve got to tip your cap to the good folks at Kraft for this simple, yet effective campaign. Using the simplicity of Twitter and relying almost solely on user-created content, the Jell-O Pudding Face Mood Meter has got us hooked here at Duncan/Day.

“We’re tracking tweets for the most accurate gauge of America’s mood ever. If the mood gets down, we give away pudding to fix it,” reads the site’s banner. By simply streaming tweets with 🙂 and :(, Jell-O is reading the country’s mood, and using some guy’s face and creepy smile (and even creepier frown) to convey the nationwide positive or negative mindset.

The Receipt Redux, via V3 Integrated Marketing
It’s fairly obvious that the receipt presents an excellent engagement opportunity. It’s small and requires little coaxing for people to actually take it with them. Sure, your local grocery store might have a few ads and coupons on the back of the receipts, but I’m almost positive there isn’t any compelling content on there.

Take a look at the image. While containing basic information like your total spend and the address where your purchase took place, it’s got other fun facts, like a random price fact, calorie count and even product trends. It’s a receipt that customers may actually want to keep up with and avoids generic ad-speak.

Dirt Devil: The Exorcist
This ad comes to us from German, but it’s got international appeal. While viral ads are virtually everywhere these days, I think everyone can appreciate the overall creativity of this piece. Upon first viewing, I found the relentless screams to be a little unsettling, even though I already knew the video was just a Dirt Devil ad. Even after 60 seconds I was still anxious to see how Dirt Devil itself was going to work its way into the ad.

A compelling ad engages the reader or viewer by evoking human emotion; this ad fires on all cylinders in that regard, feeding off the viewer’s curiosity, fear and warm feeling of nostalgia.

Obviously you could throw the current Domino’s social media campaign in this category as well. What are some of your favorite clever or creative ads out there today? Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section below!

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