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It’s a hot Sunday afternoon in August 2011. Cowboys football, albeit preseason, is back and so is your overwhelming appetite for some pizza. You fire up your iPad, head over to and after a few clicks your order is en route. ETA 20 minutes.

After a familiar knock and monetary exchange the hearty Hawaain ‘za is now in your possession. With the anticipation and excitement of a kid on Christmas morning, you pry open the box. With the disappointment of that same child unwrapping a present to reveal a new turtleneck, you discover your pizza is a disaster. Cheese everywhere. Not fully cooked. I don’t know what those things are but they definitely aren’t pineapples.

What are you going to do??? The Beastie Boys said it best, “You’ve gotta fight, for your right, to [have a pizza] party!”

Do you call the chain and complain? Do you find the Domino’s customer service email account and send them a quick note? Not worth your time. Then you remember the commercials: @Dominos is on Twitter! And they want to hear from you.

So you send a quick “Pizza was questionable, but still a big @Dominos fan!” tweet @Dominos in hopes that you might get some free publicity on the company’s Times Square billboard.

Domino’s has got you right where they want you. Sure your pizza may have disappointed you and your tweet is somewhat negative, but just by interacting with the company’s Twitter handle you’re showing them that you care about their product.

Regardless of the tone of the feedback or replies, the @Dominos account responds to almost every Tweet directed to it, both positive and negative. As of right now the @Dominos account has more than 80,000 followers and appears in more than 1,440 Twitter lists.

Domino’s has made it clear that they want to hear from their customers. Feedback isn’t a part of their new campaign, it’s the foundation. Whether it’s good or bad, a compliment or a complaint, the company is ensuring that your voice is heard. And they aren’t afraid to broadcast it, literally.

This type of consumer engagement isn’t necessarily rare in 2011, but the enthusiasm behind their social media presence and customer feedback initiative is truly unique. An openness to any type of customer feedback can buy a company a lot of goodwill with consumers.

With videos on YouTube, television ads running constantly, consistently showing both good and bad reviews and not to mention the revival of the infamous Noid character, Domino’s is taking openness and transparency to all new levels. While it already appears to be a grand success online, time will tell whether or not this type of campaign will translate into increased sales numbers.

You can read more about Domino’s social media and Times Square campaign by clicking here.

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